Fan Comments

From: Dan
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010

We caught your first 2 sets at Circle of Fifths Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. San Diego is lucky to have you (including wonderful Laura) to remind us of what really good music sounds like. We have also seen you at the Chula Vista East Lake Trader Joe's shopping center the last 2 summers.
I know this is probably futile, but I have some requests for your repertoire:
Junior Walker & the All-Star's "Shotgun," "I'm a Roadrunner," and "How Sweet it Is," and also "Cast Your Fate to the Wind."
By the way, does "Circle of Fifths" refer to the musical term or to the alcoholic beverage term? Or both
Best wishes from us both.
Dan Harrison & Pat

[Chris' reply follows]

Hi, Dan and Pat,
Yep, it was a great gig, and the place was packed! The manager said we've had the biggest crowds of all of the groups who've played there, and he loves having us. Then he told us we were fired. Really. The owners of the place have decided to go with the "dueling pianos" concept (which is why there were two of them on the stage), and were just experimenting with jazz. The manager, Will, is sure that once the owners see that the dueling pianos concept is losing money for them, and that they were making lots of money by having us there, that we'll be asked back. In the meantime, we're urging people who saw us there to write a review on Yelp and write especially about how great the jazz is.
As for "Shotgun," I've played it thousands of times, mostly with the Mar Dels and the Heroes (we might play it on Friday when I rejoin the Mar Dels for a night at Tio Leo's on Napa in the Morena area; we start at 8:30). I actually got to have a conversation with Junior Walker when I was in Candye Kane's band; we opened for him at the House of Blues in New Orleans. But it's not really a jazz tune, so that's why it's not in our repertoire. And I've played "How Sweet It Is" with many, many different bands, mostly with Harvey and 52nd St. Jive back in the '80s. It might be worth looking into as a jazz tune, so thanks for the suggestion! I don't know the other tune, though.
We used to play "Cast Your Fate..", and maybe we should resurrect it. The chart's still in our book. Thanks for reminding me of it!
"Circle of Fifths" is a nod to the musical term; the club was intended to be a live jazz club, which makes it a perfect name; for dueling pianos...not so much...
Thanks so much for your support, and I hope I'll be able to e-mail you soon with new news about upcoming gigs!


[original gig notice follows]

  • The Chris Klich Jazz Quartet with Laura Preble
  • Donovan's Circle of Fifths
  • 333 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101
  • Reservations recommended (619) 906-4850
  • Jazz supper club, with emphasis on tapas, small meals, and martinis
  • Saturday, Oct. 2nd
  • 8pm until midnight

Hey, Jazz Fans!
I told you a few weeks ago about a brand-new jazz supper club, Donovan's Circle of Fifths, in the heart of the Gaslamp. This venue is great in that it emphasizes the music as well as the food and drinks (they specialize in martinis, some with real exotic names, but there's a full bar, too); the stage is right in the middle of the restaurant, although you can hear the music throughout the bar, and even outside. Yet, the volume is perfect, owing to a great sound system and a dedicated sound man. We played there on Sept. 11th to a very enthusiastic crowd (that included a lot of you on this mailing list!) and our audition was a tremendous success. We'll be playing there once or twice a month, and our next appearance is coming up this Saturday!
I'll be joined by Laura's great voice, Ed on piano, Brian on bass, and Toby Ahrens on drums, and we'll be playing great jazz in a great location. The food is awesome (they treated us to a meal when we played there earlier), and everyone who came told us how much they enjoyed the food, as well as the opportunity to hear us play while dining.
As I mentioned in my previous e-mail, I don't normally request that our fans make an extra-special effort to come out to our shows, but we need to prove to the owners that our previous turnout wasn't just a fluke, so I'm hoping sincerely and effusively that you can join us this Saturday. You'll be glad you did, and so will we!
The club has valet parking, and there's lots of other parking lots nearby (there's a parking garage a block south and east that has $8 parking for the whole night; that's where I park). I hope that if you come down, you'll make reservations and let them know you're coming down to see us play. We sure appreciate it! The number is (619) 906-4850.
And we thank you for your support in the past and the future for all of the great musicians in San Diego, especially the guys in my band!


Hi Friends,
I am excited that a fantastic Jazz band, the Chris Klich Jazz Quintet is back at Coyote this Sunday, 5pm to 9pm after about a year absence. This is one of the best jazz bands I have ever seen. I am hoping they get a good turnout and become a monthly band at the Coyote once more ...If you like true jazz and standards you will love this band. J
Jay Berman
CEO/Security Analyst
Premiere Surveillance Systems, LLC
(888) 602-5872
Man, you is BAAD! Caught your act on Inside Jazz. A reed man myself (tho' no great shakes) and can appreciate a cat who lays it down straight-ahead yet pushes the envelope.
I do a service to the local jazz community here,, and if you're ever in town, look me up.
Clay Freeman,

Dear Chris,
Thank you so much for helping make Will & Ambers wedding so beautiful. You both were great...everyone loved your music!
I am mailing the check today. I can send all to Dave or mail your part directly to me if you send me your mailing address.
Thanks again so much!

Re: "How Long Has This Been Going On." Listening to this CD of your's for the thousandth time. I just don't KNOW a better rendition of Laura's for this song...
The whole c.d. is just (ongoingly) terrific.Well, that's MY news of the morning :)
Laura Walcher 10-10-10
Hi Chris,
We wanted to thank you again for the wonderful music your quartet performed at Amanda and David's wedding last Saturday.  We received many comments from our friends and relatives about how fabulous the music was, and of course lots of our guests had a great time on the dance floor!   In addition, Amanda and I appreciated how extremely helpful and pleasant you were as we planned the wedding.
Please feel free to use this message as a reference, or have potential clients contact us for a referral.  Also, if there are any wedding websites where we can post a review, please let me know.
Carey Ramos - 08-30-10
What a fantastic wedding! You guys were the icing on the wedding to speak. Thanks for helping us celebrate. Everyone loved you!
(The Chris Klich Jazz Quintet with Laura Preble played Mike and Cindy's wedding on May 2nd, 2009.)
Wow, Chris Klich, do your lungs extend into your legs? My son and I saw your quintet at Claire de Lune tonight, and we're both impressed with your controlled dynamics and lengthy phrases! Plus you are wonderfully supportive of your band mates. Thank you for your music.
-Louise 8-30-08

Hey Chris... thanks for blowin' your horns for me at my CD Release Party and on the KUSI Morning Show. As usual, you played like the virtuoso you are and really made the songs sound cool. I look forward to the next gig I can wrangle ya for...Thanks again.
-Charlie Imes (Chris performed on his CD).

Thanks again for playing for me at the Borgia wedding. You guys are great! I had a lot of fun singing with you and I really appreciate it. Cheers!
-Heather Maher

Chris: You really helped to make last night a success. Thank you so much for everything you have done with the Jazz Ensemble. The impromptu performance of Lester Leaps In totally brought the house down. God Bless you. Those kids really admire you and are always asking when you are going to be there again. Be well and thank you again and again.
-Vince Greco, director of The Jazz Ensemble, a group consisting of the most talented young jazz students (ages 14 through 19) in the San Diego area.

After hearing Chris and his band play at a local club in San Diego, I hired his quartet to perform at my wedding reception. Chris was easy to work with and kept the arrangements simple. He and the band arrived on time, conducted themselves professionally, played awesomely and delighted the wedding guests. Their work was an excellent value and I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

I thought you and the band did a great job at our wedding Apr 22, 2006. I wanted to add you to my LinkedIn contacts!
-Henry (via the "LinkedIn" network)

Claire De LuneI absolutely loved this place and I can't wait to get back there again! I ventured to here during my second night and found some excellent jazz--Chris Klich (with Laura Preble and about five others) is a must see. (You kinda can see them in this picture if you look inside).
I went back again for lunch during my last day in town. Take the number 7 bus from downtown!
JM Bocan, writing about Chris and Claire De Lune coffee shop
Click image to right to see Chris inside the venue.

Hi Chris,
Just wanted to tell you that my recording client is very happy, and that he called out your work specifically as "exceptional."
"That guy is the best musician on the CD!"
Thank you, I appreciate you and your music.

Man, you is BAAD! Caught your act on Inside Jazz. A reed man myself (tho' no great shakes) and can appreciate a cat who lays it down straight-ahead yet pushes the envelope.
I do a service to the local jazz community here,, and if you're ever in town, look me up.
Clay Freeman,

Hello Kris and gang. Want to send a very warm thank you for sunday night-9/10/07 at Coyote Grill there in Carlsbad. You guy's sounded GREAT! You all know how to put it down but you and your drummer... whew... SMOKIN'! Seriously, it was a total treat for me... on vacation... had been at the beach all day and just wanted to have some good food and spirits and I got all that and more, I was in the yellow trunks leaving at 7 or so, anyway... t'was a pleasure, thanks again and I'll check out your cd as well. Do you ever come up to Seattle? You'd sound good at Dimitrous Jazz Alley.
Cheers. Joe.

Chris, thank you so much playing at our big event! Our guests loved the music and we have since received MANY compliments about all of you. And thanks for taking the time to let Kris practice with you, you probably don't know that singing with a band has always been a huge dream of his, and since the session with your quintet, he hasn't been able to stop thinking about it. Although to many of our guests, him singing to me was special; but for those of us who really know him, the most special part of the evening was Kris realizing one of his greatest dreams. Thank you for making that come true for him. It means more than you know.
Thank you again for an amazing evening, Kris and I are so grateful!
Blessings, Jen

Dear Chris and fellows,
Thank you so much for the evening of music you provided at our daughter’s engagement party on December 4th. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your playing. If you’re ever playing in a public venue, e-mail me- we’ll come and listen!
Deb and Paul
June, 2007
Chris and Band,
Thank you for sharing your beautiful music and making our day special. You are the Best Jazz band EVER!  Thanks a Bunch!
Erin and Johnny
Hey Chris and Laura,
The audience could have used more rehearsal, but the orchestra was ready to perform. I do like the suit and tie too; thanks for the great show. Laura, you have sooooooo many talents, as does your husband. The boys are blessed.
(Coordinator of University City Concerts; from an e-mail sent 7-23-07)

Hi Chris,
I've been playing tracks from Blue Skies since you sent the album. I'll try to get you the playlists from the weeks I've aired the album. Thanks again for sending it. It's an excellent, solid album with inspired playing (and singing, too, of course!) with lots of great tunes given excellent arrangements.
Thanks again!
Cary Meister ("Doc Jazz")
KAWC-FM 88.9 mHz
By the way, we're streaming live on the web now at Just click on the box where you can listen live. The next time I play a track from your album I'll try to let you know in adavance so you can listen if you're so inclined.

Hello Chris and Laura,
Chris you don't know me but my name is Jane Kaufman and I am Laura's first cousin from Ohio.  Hello Laura!!  I had the pleasure of listening to your CD Blue Skies.  Oh my Lord!!!!!!!!  It is unbelievable.  I have to tell you that I am not a huge fan of jazz, but this CD is awesome!  Laura's voice is perfect and hearing you play the flute sends chills down my spine. The flute is the only instrument I can play, or at least try to play:>)  Tell Laura  my daughter Jeanette tells everyone that her cousin is a famous singer:>)  You both can be very proud of your accomplishments.  What great talent (I dont' know why Laura couldn't leave some talent for the rest of us)!  Take care and we wish you all the best with everything.
God Bless,
Nick, Jane, Benjamin, Luke and Jeanette

Hey, Chris.  I just got done listening to the three CDs I have of you and Laura.  Excellent!  I hadn't listened to the older ones in a while.  I just wanted to tell what an outstanding musician I think you are.
I saw Kenny G last week in Vegas.  Not a bad player really, but what a bunch of schlock.  The people actually gave him a standing ovation!  I couldn't bring myself to stand up.  Eighty five bucks to see him and no cover no minimum to see you!  Something not quite right there.
I have 4 of your CDs including the Xmas one.  Is that all of them?
Well, I'm to Vegas again for a couple weeks.  See ya soon, I hope.

Hey Chris,
Just wanted to say "great job" opening for Lizz Wright at Belly Up last week. You all sounded terrific. My girl friend loves to hear Laura sing. She has gotten several CD's at your gigs and given to them to her friends. She is on your mailing list and has commented to me how you do a great job with your mailings. She keeps me informed...but perhaps you could add me. I love the way you do the thing you do and hope we can work together in the future.
About a CD with keyboard player/singer/composer David Singletary:
Adding Klich to a song is like adding cayenne pepper to any just brings out that flavor. His flute playing is silky, sumptuous and charming enough to tame the most aggressive viper. He'll be remembered as one the greats because of his performance on the Vibe CD. -
October 29, 2005
Dear Chris,
Thank you so much for everything you did for Mercy Hospital. We loved your group at the patron party and the Ball, and the CDs are wonderful - you have made a huge difference!
Thanks again, Suzanne and Lindsey
October 25, 2005
Great to see you, again, last week.  Our apologies that we had to leave early, but my beloved was both tuckered-out from her 60-hour week and wanted to get rested before singing in our church choir on Sunday morning.

But, this can't wait . . . your new CD is ONLY AWESOME!  And yes, we know that we're SHOUTING!!!

August 23, 2005
Greetings Chris!

Our Summer Music Series just ended.  I wish to say an enthusiastic thank you to you, Laura Preble, and the members of the Chris Klich Jazz Quintet!  The North Park Community Association thoroughly enjoyed your performance at Bird Park.

The music panel had a collection of 90 promotional packages to select from.  There is so much fine local talent but it was our sincerest wish that your band would be available and willing to perform.

It felt so good to be able to offer the sound that you have to the Bird Park audience.  Your interpretation of jazz standards is perfection but particularly so for a summer venue outside with all generations of listeners.  Many expressed their thanks for Laura’s vocal renditions after the show.

Sorry that our sound system wasn’t quite as tight as I expected, but even so, you were able to deal with that and maintain your professional focus.  It was a pleasure working with you and I wish you continued success.

Summer Concert Chair

(from a wedding client)
Hi Chris,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you and the band for the wonderful job you guys did at our wedding ceremony and reception. We've heard so many compliments from our guests about the music. Your music truly made our wedding different from most of the weddings we've been to in the past. Let us know if you ever need to use us as a reference; we'd be more than happy to recommend you. We really enjoyed all the songs you guys played - excellent song choices! Oh, let me know if you have any upcoming performances that's open to the public. We'd love to hear you guys play again.
(from an e-mail to Cathy Cronin, director of events for the City of San Marcos, regarding Chris Klich Jazz Quintet performance Aug. 30, 2003 at the Wood House, San Marcos)
Hi Cathy -
Don't know if I had sent you an email - can't remember - but just in case I didn't I wanted to tell you that the last summer concert with Klich and wife was really spectacular. Top notch entertainment and I really felt that the evening was a very special treat. We loved it. Thank you for all your time and effort - you've done a great job (just in case no one has told you).

Bye for now
Mary P.

I'm not surprised that a new fan would come all the way to SD from Orange County to listen to the Chris Klich quintette - I've given CDs to friends in L.A., as well as relatives out of state, and they've all been surprised and completely enthused by the incredible musical energy the group puts out. Chris is an exceptionally talented and powerful force and a masterful musician and stage manager - he and his group has enthralled every audience they've performed for.

Dale J.
San Diego

Hey Chris, just wanted to thank you for a wonderful performance at Coyote Bar & Grill tonite. Enjoyed every minute. You guys are such professionals. Really top notch. You, personally, are a great musician, and I really enjoyed your bass player as well. Also the drummer was excellent. They entire band is just wonderful, as a matter of fact. Continue the great work, and hoping to see you again at the Coyote.

Here's a suggestion: On your website, it would be nice if you had a link on the homepage to so a fan can rate your band without having to search all over the site. I wanted to do that, but it wasn't there so couldn't. Maybe it's someplace, but it's not convenient. It's just a suggestion. You deserve more votes, and it would move you up closer to #1. As a side note, that's where I discovered your band. You are the top rated band in the jazz category, I believe. Were from South Orange County, so it was great to see a good San Diego band playing close to us. It was well worth the drive down...

Thanks again,
Carol Y.
Lake Forest, CA
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