Upcoming Gigs


I played my most recent gig on March 9, 2020. Then, of course, we all know what happened. I went from playing with 10 bands, performing 3-4 times a week, to not having anything on my calendar, like so many of my music family. I am eagerly looking forward to putting some new dates on this calendar page once it’s safe to perform publicly, again. I’m writing this as we begin the new year, and it looks like live music will be able to come back by late summer or early fall, and I’ll be playing my butt off, again. Until then, I’ll keep practicing my horns, post the occasional video from my studio, and continue seeing my students every week on my iPad. Although I’m not able to share my musical gifts with audiences these days, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share them with my students. And I’m grateful for my family; not gigging has allowed me to spend so much wonderful time with my wife and kids, and that’s a true blessing.